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With over X years of experience in the market, Flek is a leading company in revolutionizing flexible workforce hiring. Since our foundation, we have constantly sought to innovate and offer solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the labor market. Over the years, we have developed a robust and intuitive platform that efficiently and transparently connects companies and workers. With a proven track record of success and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are ready to tackle the challenges of the future and continue transforming the way people find job opportunities and companies hire talent.

Always keep your best workers close

Any company registered with Flek can add their preferred freelancers to Flek+, a member area that grants automatic acceptance for shifts they apply for. This allows a freelancer to work with your company regularly, without hassle and efficiently!


Flek mission is to revolutionize the connection between companies and workers through an innovative and transparent digital platform. We aim to facilitate access to flexible job opportunities and ensure a fair and transparent experience for all involved.


Our vision is to create an ecosystem where companies and workers can connect efficiently and transparently, promoting economic growth and professional development. We aim to be recognized as the leading flexible hiring platform across various sectors, offering innovative and reliable solutions to our users.


Transparency: We prioritize transparency in all our interactions, ensuring a fair and reliable experience for all platform users.

Flexibility: We value flexibility as a fundamental principle, allowing workers and companies the freedom to negotiate terms and conditions that suit their needs.

Trust: We build trust with our users, promoting integrity and honesty in all transactions conducted on the platform.

Innovation: We constantly seek innovation, developing new technologies and features to enhance the experience of our users and effectively meet market demands.

App Market Objectives

Flek main objective is to offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for hiring flexible labor across various sectors, including cleaning, hospitality, construction, transportation and logistics, and delivery. We aim to provide significant advantages for both workers and companies, facilitating the hiring process and promoting productivity and efficiency in the labor market.


Flek differentiator lies in its user-centered approach and innovative technology. We offer an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, allowing workers to find job opportunities tailored to their skills and availability. Additionally, our platform provides companies with access to a wide range of qualified professionals, ensuring efficiency and quality in every hire. Transparency, flexibility, and reliability are the pillars that underpin our offering, differentiating us in the market and strengthening our position as leaders in flexible hiring.

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