Welcome to Flek! An innovative platform that connects aussie companies with a qualified network of professionals subcontractos.

With Flek, you can find on-demand talent to fulfill specific needs of your business quickly and efficiently and focus on what really matters: the growth of your business


BENEFITS for your business


Flek offers for your business

Cost reduction

More economical hiring compared to traditional methods.

Access to talent

Expand your talent pool and find qualified professionals quickly.

Process automation

Eliminate bureaucracy and optimize your hiring and payment processes.


Hire professionals for different periods and needs, adapting to your business demands.


READY for your business

Expense transparency

Total control, minimum cost: Monitor your expenses in real-time and pay only for what you use, without surprises or hidden fees.

Savings generated by the anti-fraud checkout process via GPS

Security and savings in one place: Eliminate losses and increase your profit margin with a checkout system that protects your company from fraud and generates savings.

Flexibility in labor hiring

Adapt to your business demands: Hire professionals tailored to your needs, with flexibility and agility.

First registration in a few hours

Unmatched agility: Start receiving applications in a matter of hours, with total freedom to adjust your shifts as needed.

Niche markets served by FLEK

Solutions for every sector: Find specialized professionals in Cleaning, Hospitality, Construction, Transportation and Logistics, and Delivery, ensuring efficiency in every area of your business.

How the platform works

Simple, fast, and effective: Sign up, create your shifts, find the best talents, control the process, and make payments, all in an intuitive and efficient platform.


GUARANTEES for your company


resources and environment


They use and approve


Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are processed automatically after the completion of work, ensuring speed and accuracy.

After the freelancer completes the checkout, the company must approve it within 24 hours. Once the shift is approved, an invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the company for payment, which must be completed within three business days.

Flek provides the company with access to the freelancer’s full professional and academic history, as well as their skills and competencies, as presented by the freelancer. However, the responsibility for verifying the information provided lies entirely with the hiring company.

Yes, you can cancel a shift with up to 24 hours’ notice without any additional cost.

We guarantee the total protection of your data through advanced security measures and compliance with privacy regulations.

Find qualified talents in minutes and boost your productivity.

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